Cheap Cat Insurance Features


Pet insurance for cats comes with many standard and optional features. When requesting a cat insurance quote, clarify which features are included. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn about the kinds of protection that come with cat insurance. UK pet owners like to be financially prepared for unexpected mishaps-in response insurers endeavour to provide a variety of useful cover and services. Despite the sophistication of policies, it is still possible to obtain cheap cat insurance.

Complementary and Alternative Treatments

The most important aspect of a policy is essentially cat health insurance. This covers basic vet services, treatments, medications, and often some complementary or alternative care as well. Each policy is worded differently-so talk to the insurer, if complementary care is important to you.

Lump Sum Death Benefit

Should a cat die from an illness or injury before age 10 or 11, this type of provision will pay an amount based on the purchase price up to a specific limit, such as £ 250 or £ 750.

When Your Pet Goes Missing

If your cat should wander off or is "kidnapped", you'll want to be able to post an ad. Pet cat insurance often pays up to £ 250 or £ 750 for the cost of local advertising and a reasonable reward. In the sad event that the search is unsuccessful, a policy may offer a lump sum up to a specified limit.

Emergency Cattery Fees

If you or a family member is hospitalized for more than four days, it may be difficult to look after your cat. A policy can cover boarding fees up to a specified limit, such as £ 250 or £ 1,000.

Holiday Cancellation Costs

Your cat has an accident or illness which requires emergency surgery, just when the family is ready to leave for a holiday trip. You face not only vet bills, but also the cost of cancelling the trip. If the surgery is scheduled within 7 days of the planned leaving date, the policy may cover cancellation costs.

Overseas Travel Benefits

If you like to travel overseas with your pet, enquire about travel benefits such as:

  • Vet services abroad
  • Quarantine costs when your pet falls ill or its microchip fails
  • Replacement costs for a lost pet passport
  • Cost of a repeat tick or worming treatment required due to delays
  • Accommodation and travel costs due to travel delays.


Pet insurance often comes with one or more helpline features. The following types of services can be very handy:

  • 24-hour vet nurse helpline
  • Bereavement counselling helpline
  • Pet minder call centre that helps find a registered minder
  • Legal helpline
  • Vet directory line for finding vet services abroad.

Enrolment and Payment Features

If expense is a concern, a cheap cat insurance plan is certainly possible, especially when a discount is offered. For enrolling online you can obtain 10 to 20% off the regular rate. For those who have more than one cat, the need for economy is recognized by many insurers who offer a lower rate.

You may pay an annual premium or opt for 12 equal monthly payments, with or without a small administration fee. Enrolment is uncomplicated-either online or over the phone. If knowing exactly what a policy covers is important, look for an easy-to-read policy summary online.

Source by Tanya Andrews