Car Insurance – Speeding Tickets Are Not a Good Sign


The car insurance company would like to provide you an insurance policy as you would be their valuable customers. But they would not be very happy to do so if you have a lot of speeding tickets under your belt. The speeding tickets would make an adverse impact on your insurance record.

The speeding of car is not very safe. This not what I am saying but the government also is very keen on it. That is why they have put up such types of rules in which a person is fined for over speeding and rash driving. These signs are only for our safety, the slower you drive the better control you posses over your car and the road. But is that may not be the case with everyone there are lots of people who can drive nicely even if they are at high speeds. But it does not mean that the public roads are your formula one playground where you can speed. If you do not care about your life then you must consider about the others life they may be loved ones of some other person and there must be someone waiting for them at their home.

The surveys show that the speeders on the road have more than fifty percent chances of being hit or meet an accident. Their accidents are not severe but they are fatal and life taking. The government is very strict with them and they would not tolerate these nuisances. The insurance companies also not all these points they would be very serious on the racers and rash drivers. They allow only high rates of insurance too these people as they are more prone to accident. Here is what happens if you have lots of speeding tickets.

* The correct speed to drive in a city is 15 miles and if the driver crosses this speed then he has more chances of getting the tickets for over speeding and rash driving and unless these tickets are high the insurance rates also would be high.

* If you have a clean record then you have the chances of getting selected for the discounts but if you add one ticket also to it then 26% of the insurance rate is hiked without any questions.

* When you have the habit of getting speeding tickets then after you have accumulated many of them there are chances that the insurance company would increase your premium monthly payments to thousands of dollars.

* The insurance companies would not like your record at all and changing to a new insurance company would just prove to be another loss. There would be no one in the market to provide you the insurance due to the record that you have maintained.

So it is always better to drive safe and the best way to ensure that your car stays out of trouble is to drive slowly according to the city limits and only then the insurance companies would welcome you. Not everyone who meets an accident dies, there are people who survive the accident but on the cost of their body part. Be sensible.

Source by Micheal Horton