Car Insurance Reviews – Roadside Assistance


One of the biggest money makers for auto insurance companies is the roadside assistance options that they offer to their clients. Are these options worth it or is it better to stick to auto clubs like Triple A or Costco? In order to answer this question, we read a lot of car insurance reviews, from many different people, in many different areas. What did these reviews say about the roadside assistance programs specifically?

1) Not as cheap as they could have gotten them elsewhere, but price was not bad. The overall consensus of the reviews that we read were not overwhelmingly negative about the cost, but not positive either. Most people expressed a bit of regret for purchasing the option because they found that they could've gotten less expensive coverage elsewhere.

2) Not very convenient. Many reviewers complained that they were dissatisfied with the overall system of making a claim. Most auto insurance companies will make you pay for the roadside service you receive first, then file a claim to receive a reimbursement. This is much less efficient than an auto club that actually covers all costs.

3) There were several reports in the auto insurance reviews that we read, that claimed the cost of their policy went up after making several roadside assistance claims. In other words, just like with traditional car insurance coverage, if you make too many claims your rates rise, the same thing happened by just making claims on the roadside assistance option.

The general consensus was that the roadside option is not a necessary part of a new auto insurance policy and that it's better to get this type of coverage elsewhere.

Source by Jennifer Lynn Hanson