Car Insurance – How to Reduce Premiums


One of the most popular transports in the world is a car. It is very convenient not to wait for the public transport on a bus station, but drive your own car at the most suitable time for you. It saves your time, because you can get to the point of destination in less time then if you used public transport. This and other factors are the reasons of the growing popularity of the private transport.

However, there are some downsides as well. Car ownership is always associated with different risks. You can become involved in an accident, or your car may break down or be damaged, saying nothing about the risk to be stolen. That’s why car insurance is mandatory in many countries, particularly in UK, Continental Europe and Northern America. Car insurance eliminates the risk of the unexpected financial burden associated with the above mentioned factors and allows drivers to feel themselves more confident.

So, every driver needs an auto insurance policy, but the main point is that it’s not always possible to get car insurance at the desirable price. And this is the very reason why many people hate to pay insurance premiums and would never do it, if they had a choice. In fact, a lot of car owners and drivers pay high insurance premiums just because they do not even know they could pay less. It can be surprising for many of us, but this is an incontestable fact. People buy insurance policies from the companies they have been dealing with for many years thinking they are offered the best possible price. They do not take into consideration the fact that insurance market is ever changing and new opportunities emerge occasionally. Insurance companies offer discounts from time to time and newly established companies enter the market every year. It makes sense to spend some time searching for a better deal and learning more about available options.

Amazing, but you can influence on the level of your insurance premiums. Car insurance costs depend on different factors and one of them is the type of vehicle you whish to insure. If your car belongs to a high-risk group of vehicles, then insurance company will most likely increase insurance premiums for you. Most insurers, if not every, have statistical data of most stolen car models. If you plan to acquire a new car and aren’t willing to pay high insurance premiums, make sure you dream car isn’t “black-listed” by insurance companies and if it is, may be you should consider buying a different model.

Your gender and age also impact on the insurance premiums. Females are considered as less risky drivers then men hence they pay fewer premiums. The same can be said about young drivers. They also belong to a high-risk group. So, if you are a 21-year-old male, forget about low insurance premiums till you 25th birthday.

Most insurance companies offer special discount to those who have a clear driving record. It’s quite obvious that clear driving record proves you are a responsible driver hence less expensive for insurance companies, which allows them offer you a better deal.

Before you purchase or renew your auto insurance policy make a little research of the insurance market. Use the Internet for it. It takes a few hours to find and compare quotes of different insurance companies. You can also approach an insurance agency. They will do their best to find the quote that meets your requirements. They are professionals and are able to look for the necessary information almost instantly.

Source by David Hunter