Car Insurance For Students – How to Bring Down the Price


Car insurance for students does not need to be expensive because discounts are available which will greatly reduce the price. Read this and learn how you can easily reduce the cost of automobile insurance if you are a student in high school or college.

In most cases people under the age of 25 years are going to be charged more money for auto insurance because insurance companies believe that there is more risk involved. The cost of insurance is determined by the risk involved and it is a known fact that young people have more accidents than people in the age group of 50 to 65, which are the safest group of drivers.

There are however, some ways to bring down the price.

Get good grades. Students who maintain a B average will enjoy a 10% discount on their automobile insurance.

Maintain a good driving record by obeying all of the laws, especially speed limits. If you are a student and you get a speeding ticket, you can be sure your insurance premiums are going to go up in price.

Take drivers education. Most high schools offer this class and many times you can also get in car experience with a driving instructor. Not only does this class lower the cost of your insurance but you also get credits toward graduation.

Stay on your parents insurance policy. If you are driving a car that is registered to your parents you can do this and your insurance will be significantly less money than if you own your own car and get your own insurance policy.

Maintain a good credit score. It is important for young people to begin to establish credit because insurance companies will check credit reports and if you have a good score your insurance will be less money.

Car insurance for students can be less money if you apply some of these discounts and keep your grades high, your credit score high and maintain a good driving record.

Source by Jim Kibler