Car Insurance Discounts For a Brand New Car


Are You Shopping For A New Car?

Shopping for a new auto is exciting and stressful. You want to make sure you buy a vehicle you will be satisfied with, you can afford, and also that does not cost to much to insure. While many vehicle shoppers spend a lot of time comparing the cost and features of cars they plan to buy, they do not spend a lot of time thinking about how that purchase will affect premiums.

A New Car May Lower Car Insurance Rates

A lot of people think that a new, and more expensive vehicle will cost more to cover than the old one. This is not always true. Newer cars can have safety features, a safe design, and anti-theft devices that actually qualify for large discounts with many insurers. Sometimes the purchase of a new vehicle actually lower premiums!

Why Can New Cars Be Cheaper To Insure?

  • Safety Features – Many new cars come with the latest brake and steering systems. In theory, they should also be less likely to have repair needs that could make an older car less safe.
  • Safer Vehicle Designs – Keep in mind that the safety of a car is not all about the tons of steel that go into the frame. It is more about how that vehicle has been designed and tested.
  • Anti-theft Devices – One thing that insurers consider is the cost of theft claims. If your new car is hard to steal, it could also earn a discount.
  • Hybrid Vehicles – Did you know that many of the large insurers offer a discount for green cars? This is not always because those vehicles are safer though. It is just that insurers believe that the type of people who purchase hybrid vehicles are more responsible car owners.

So if you compare a brand new car with an older car, you may find that the auto insurance discounts actually make the newer car cheaper to cover! This may not always be true.

Consider Auto Insurance Premiums As Part Of Your Car Budget

Be sure to figure out how the new car purchase will affect your premiums. If you are setting aside a budget for the new vehicle purchase, you will need to know if your premiums will go up or down. Of course, if you only had liability insurance on your old car, and now you need to purchase full coverage, your rates may go up. But if you already had full coverage, and your new car earns more discounts, your rates could go down!

How To Find New Car Insurance Premiums

One of the simplest ways to figure out how much your new car will cost to cover is to use a web based auto insurance quote form. These systems only take a couple of minutes to complete. After you fill in your information, the quote system will return competitive rates and qualified local agents.

Even if you already have an insurer who covers your old vehicle, it can really pay to compare premiums with other top insurers. Companies are different, and you may get a better deal by shopping around for insurance the same way you shop for a new car!

Source by Marilyn Katz