Best Ways to Reduce the Young Drivers Car Insurance Premiums


For insurers, the young drivers are the customers who present the highest risk. As the same time, they are the least profitable, because the young drivers are imposed surcharges, a very important thing when purchasing their insurance policy, which can be a blow to the student budget. So what are the methods to get young drivers car insurance premiums for a vehicle without paying a high price which may get as high as $2500 per year?

When you are a student, you are certainly not rolling in money… Yet the insurance companies continue to increase their offers for “young drivers”. For any driver, the owner driver’s license for less than three year and the contribution of the insurance contract may be overtaxed and achieve an increase of over 100%. The bonus-malus coefficient calculated from the revaluation of contributions directly affects the premium paid for the contract next year.

The risk of accident is not the same for everyone and it is this index that determines the price of the contract signed. A large number of data come into play: a small cylinder or powerful sedan, a novice or an experienced driver, running in rural or urban area, or a bonus or a penalty…

The color of the vehicle also comes into play: insurers have even calculated that a gray car has statistically fewer accidents than those whose painting is alive. For those seeking young drivers car insurance, pay attention: a red car can cost you a surcharge of 5 or 10%!

The cost of car insurance is therefore based on an average assessment of risks to the driver. As a result, the premium payable by the insured person who is considered “at risk” will be increased. The young people are most concerned, because statistically the younger drivers are more at risk than other drivers, inexperience or unconscious behaviors related to the speed and willingness to take risks, are parameters that result in a higher risk of loss.

Indeed, only 9% of the population, the age group 18-24 years shows approximately 22% of fatal road accidents. In view of these statistics, it seems justified to force young drivers to pay a premium for insurance. It is true that auto insurance is a significant investment for a young person.

It is always a good idea to shop around for the young drivers car insurance premiums. The majority of insurance companies have their own websites and there are plenty of comparison tools you can try online. You can thus compare some of the best insurance quotes you can get and choose the company and the plan that best suits your needs for young drivers car insurance premium. You can also take a safety drive course to decrease the risk factor and show the car insurance company you are committed to safe driving.

As you can see, there are many things you can take into account to reduce the young drivers car insurance premiums and if you follow the above tips, you will save money on your car insurance.

Source by River C.