Auto Insurance – What To Know Before You File A Claim


When you have been in a road accident, or incidents like fire, flood, vandalism or theft, the most common reaction is panic. For the sake of your self and others involved in the accident , it would be best for you to keep calm and remember to do the following :

1. Confirm that no one is injured and if someone has been injured, what is the extent of the injury?

2. Call the police and if someone is seriously injured, call 911.

3. If the police can not come to the scene of the accident or incident, try as much as possible to document the events. If you have a camera (whether in your phone or other devises) take shots of the scene. Then file an accident report at the nearest police station

4. Call your insurance agent and explain all that happened.

5. Give your insurer the following details: the name and address of the persons involved, the details of the accident/incident, and the file number of the police report, the name and addresses of the witnesses.

6. Get all the necessary documents that you need from your insurer, fill them out accurately. Make sure you keep the originals properly and return the copies to your insurer. Cooperate with your insurer in investigation because they would have to represent you in case of litigation against you

7. Document every expense very carefully and keep them well. Some policy has a no-fault clause and they would pay you for any expenses incurred. Like loss of income and medical bills. If you had to employ someone to help you around the house for that period, the policy also ensures that you are reimbursed the cost of all that.

8. Keep all the copies of your paperwork. You’ll surely need them some time!

Considering that you are taking out an auto insurance policy because you want to be protected from liability in future (thereby saving money) you need to get the insurance company that would serve in your best interest. If the insurer you have now is not giving you satisfactory service, Shop around! Compare prices and services. Remember to always compare prices of the same services.

Source by Chisomeje Odimba