Auto Insurance – What Factors Affects Your Auto Insurance Quote?


Whenever you call an auto insurance agent to check on the price of insurance, he gives you an auto insurance quote. This quote is his best guess or estimate of what you will pay to an insurance company for the coverage needed for a six month term or a one year term.

Whenever you give your information to an insurance agent, whether is be online, by the phone or in person, the agent will enter that information into a computer which is connected to the company that he represents. If the agent is an independent agent, he may represent several independent auto insurance companies. An independent agent insurance agent may seek quotes from several companies in order to offer you the best rates.

Remember that the number given is a quote, your actual policy could cost more or less. The fact that agents are now online with the companies they represent makes the quotes much closer to the actual price you were quoted. If you have been very careful with your use of the automobile, you can save a lot of money over the life of only one vehicle.

There are many things that can affect the price quote that the agent will give you.

Your age and sex are two of the primary factors that may affect your insurance rates. Men under the age of twenty-five will pay significantly more for insurance than females or persons over age twenty-five. Other factors include the number of moving violations and accidents that you have had.

Even whether you have had continual insurance coverage can affect what you pay as a bottom line.

Since insurance can be expensive, and there are some factors that you cannot change, you should be careful that you do not do anything that will cause you to pay more for insurance.

Source by Nicholas Vernon