Auto Insurance – Liability Vs Financial Responsibility


To legally own and operate a vehicle in Mississippi, a driver must have valid auto insurance in Mississippi that meets or exceeds the state's minimum requirements. Despite the fact that it is the required liability coverage does not mean that it necessarily the enough coverage. It is up to the driver to choose the correct amount of auto insurance. The state minimum liability limits are $ 25,000 / $ 50,000 bodily injury and $ 25,000 property damage. It is much cheaper to meet the correct requirements than to be caught without insurance.

Once the requirements have been met, a document will be given to the driver, proving financial responsibility. This documentation must be carried with the driver at all times. Though law enforcement officers can not pull a vehicle over to confirm they have Mississippi auto insurance, the driver will be required to show proof of insurance and financial responsibility if they choose not to carry the liability portion of the policy. There are significant consequences if the driver is unable to prove coverage.

Fines of up to $ 1000 and registration suspension for up to one year are the legal repercussions for not carrying auto insurance in Mississippi. The state began to require vehicle registration and license plates be displayed on all vehicles in 1912. There have been many changes to the design and color since that time. Graphics were used for the first time in 1977, featuring a Magnolia blossom, the state flower and tree. That is also the year that stickers began to be used to redeem vehicle registration. The graphics and colors have been updated every five to ten years since then.

Unlike many states, the county in which the license plate is issued is centered on the bottom of the plate. The current primary license plate features the Biloxi Light in the center of the plate. There are other options, should the driver choose to do so. In addition to showing proof of auto insurance in Mississippi and financial responsibility to law enforcement officers, there are other times this proof will be required. Each time the driver registers a new vehicle, or renews registration on a current vehicle, these documents will be required.

Source by Christopher Nelson Woods