Auto Insurance For Your Convertible


During your history with auto insurance companies, you should know by now that the style of automobile that you drive makes a huge difference in your insurance premiums. If you drive a sports car, which is usually fast and small, you know right off the bat that your insurance rates may be extremely higher than your neighbor's insurance premiums are on his sedan or station wagon style of vehicle. Probably the most highly auto to insure is the "convertible" whether it be small, medium or a larger size vehicle.

This practice by almost all insurance companies does not go without reason or logic on the part of the insurance company even though it may not seem fair to the drivers of convertibles.

As you know, you become a liability to your insurance company when any damage is done to your vehicle or any bodily injury happens to you or your passengers. As you can imagine, this can become quite costly to your insurance company. Statistics have always shown that drivers of small, fast, flashy cars are more prone to damage their vehicles and cause injuries to their passengers. These types of cars, although fun to drive and also may draw the attention of the opposite sex, but needless to say they are much more dangerous to drive and more prone to get into an accident.

Even though more dangerous and apt to get into an accident or cause bodily harm the convertible has always been a much loved vehicle, whether it be small or large. There is something about the feeling of freedom when you are racing down the freeway or a windy beach or mountain road that makes us all feel years younger and much more invincible than if we were driving a family style car. Of course, in life we ​​do have to pay for the feeling of the wind blowing through your hair making your feel years younger for a short time. Sometimes the cost may be too high not only in dollars but in lives and property damage.

Since the convertible is the most easily damaged of any other vehicle due to is "rag" top which is no support at all if you happen to be in an accident where your vehicle takes a roll or two, you have to make the choice as to what is more important to you and your family. This fact alone can make your insurance premiums sky high and the insurance company has to put out much more for bodily injury and damage to your vehicle when you are in any type of accident in a convertible.

It is possible to keep your insurance premiums down if you are smart and know that you can compare all insurance companies and their ratings just by clicking on the internet and checking out all your options by getting an online insurance quote comparison.

You will probably always be able to save some money on your auto policy by choosing one with high deductibles; thereby making your premiums lower. Also, if you choose to pay your premiums on a six month contract or a yearly contract versus month to month, you will be amazed at the amount of money you can save. Another way to decrease your auto insurance premiums is to reduce the miles you drive per month. Maybe you only drive your convertible in the summer time; this can also save you a large amount of money on your premiums. So, as you can see you can still have the fun of a convertible and find savings on your premiums in areas you may not have thought of before.

Source by Otto Ingrid