Auto Insurance – For Loss of Vehicle For Usage


Loss of use is a type of insurance which is available with your existing auto insurance policy. Loss of use takes care of the cost when the car is being repaired after meeting with an accident and even in cases where the vehicle gets stolen. But some of the insurance companies do not provide loss of use insurance but is better to have an insurance of this type for any untoward incidences such as times where the owner loses all contact or access with his vehicle. Loss of vehicle might be due to a lot of factors such as theft, damage caused due to collision, etc.

People who use their vehicle on a daily basis should invest on this type of insurance as even when their vehicle gets damaged they will not have to function without a vehicle due to loss of use auto insurance. Loss of use insurance is not included in your existing auto policy until and unless the agent is informed about the fact that you are interested in adding it in your policy. Loss of use insurance has not gained prominence as the insurance companies have not popularized their existence because they do not incur much profit for them. This type of insurance policy is not at all costly and it would take only a couple of dollars per month in addition with your auto insurance policy.

When a damaged car gets repaired people especially who depend on their own vehicle for transportation from home to office find it extremely difficult to cope up with the situation. In such cases people opt for rented cars which can burn a hole in their pockets and to combat similar situation loss of use insurance comes in handy. When claims are made for loss of use of vehicle then a person is allowed to rent a car which is similar to the type of vehicle one had which was insured. While renting a vehicle one can get the same class which he had previously. Some of the insurance companies suggest opting for a vehicle whose class is lesser than the previously owned vehicle, which proves to be an economical option until and unless a person is in need of a specific type of vehicle for his job. Then he should inform the insurance company about the same, and his requirements will be met. Renting a car when your own vehicle is damaged can prove to be a costly affair. So loss of use insurance can save you the plight of spending the extra amount of money on rentals. If the car is damaged in a collision where he did not have any fault of his own then the person responsible for the accident is liable to pay the car rentals since the driver is equipped with loss of use insurance.

Source by David Hunter