Auto Insurance – Can not I Do Without It?


Auto insurance can be very expensive for some folks. However, is doing without it a viable alternative? We'll look at a number of angles to this that will help you make a very informed decision.

1. If you decide NEVER to drive then you'll never be a law-breaker even without auto insurance coverage. However, think of emergency and other situations that will but you in an awkward position if you limit yourself this way.

2. If you choose to "call their bluff" and drive without it you can get away with it for some time. But bear in mind that you could land yourself in a serious mess when you get caught.

At best, the penalties for non-compliance with insurance laws are a substantial fine, license and / or registration suspension or revocation. But it can get worse: A jail term.

3. Apart from the legal perspective, you stand to lose if another uninsured driver hits your car, if your car is vandalized, if your car is stolen or damaged beyond repair, the list goes on.

4. If you own substantial assets, attorneys of victims of accidents where you're at fault can go for them. Depending on how much you're worth, this could be a devastating blow to your investments of life savings.

Looking at the above reasons, being without auto insurance certainly is not a viable alternative. Here are better options …

1. Get the minimum required by your state. Although this might NOT give you the best coverage, it will, at least, keep you on the right side of the law.

2. Take some time out to do thorough comparison shopping. This way you'll get auto insurance coverage for a lot less …

The entire process is as simple as visiting a site and filling a short form for which you get up to five or more quotes from different insurers. Repeat this simple process with five or more reputable quotes sites and you'll definitely find an offer that will be very mild on your pocket while giving you considerable coverage.

Source by Chimezirim Chinecherem Odimba