Auto Insurance


Auto insurance is a contract with an insurance company that helps to protect you against severe financial loss if you are ever in an auto accident Auto insurance is required to protect yourself from road and auto accidents and may include losses for liability, medical payments and any physical damage resulting from the accident. The coverage of a personal auto policy includes the insured, his family members, friends and associates that may borrow the car.

Automobile insurance includes vehicles like cars and bikes and is available for everybody. Most states have laws that require basic auto insurance coverage for every driver. Only some states ask that you display financial responsibility. If you are involved in an auto accident or stopped by a police officer and found to be driving without car insurance or proof of financial responsibility, you will have to pay a fine or specific to the laws of your state which may also include loss of driving privileges. The financial responsibility law states that you have to demonstrate having sufficient assets to settle any judgments against you which may arise out of an auto accident. If you are uninsured and in an auto accident that involves property damage or injuries to people, you will be required to pay for any damages assessed by a court.

However, having automobile insurance does not prevent a person from suing you. It does assure that the financial and legal resources of the insurance company will assist you in defending the suit and paying for the damages in the case of an automobile accident.

Since most states require auto insurance from all drivers, the states have assigned risk plans to assure coverage. The plans vary from state to state, but assigned risk policies are usually expensive, because a bad driving record makes you a bad risk for any insurer. Most auto insurance policies are non-assessable. If you do have an assessable policy, you can be assessed an extra amount if your insurance company has had an extraordinary amount of car accidents that year.

Auto insurance rates have fallen considerably across the U.S. in the last two years. The reasons contributing to this decline are:

Safer cars

Falling crime rates

Stringent drunk driving laws

Increased competition among insurance companies

Ageing of the population

With a growing need for auto insurance, many insurance companies now offer specific auto insurance deals tailored to the consumer.

Source by William Brister