Affordable Dental Insurance – Dental Insurance For Self Employed People


If you are self employed, you are surely well aware of the exhilaration success brings on and the terror that failures cause. Running your own business can be a roller coaster ride of emotions. You are surely aware of the many challenges as well. Basic things, like affordable dental coverage, can be difficult to find. Below are the best options on dental insurance for self employed people.

1) Family plans. If your husband or wife is employed and is being offered an affordable family plan for dental, get on it. Sure it will cost you some more money, but this will almost always be your cheapest option.

2) Discount dental plan, not insurance plan. There is a difference here. A discounted plan can be very cheap. You pay an a monthly or annual fee, and for this you receive any dental work you have done for a lot less than it would normally cost. Your choice of dentists is limited but the rates can be up to sixty or seventy percent off.

3) Family plans. If any member of your immediate or extended family has dental coverage through the federal government or military, you may be able to get on their plan.

4) Check out the Insurance Information Institute. Every state has a branch and they can help inform you about any companies offering dental insurance for self employed people in your area. It’s a national organization with local information.

5) Professional organizations. If you are a member of any business related club like the Lions Club, you may have access to a group dental plan put together for others in the same boat you are.

6) Networking groups. If you are a member of any business networking groups, this can be another avenue. A great idea that many have explored is to get a bunch of business owners together and apply for a group rate dental insurance for the self employed. Insurance companies give major breaks when you apply as a group, instead of as an individual. If you are the one to put the group together, it is fair that you get discounted, or even free coverage.

Source by Jennifer Lynn Hanson